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Pebble Beach

Which pebble are you?


Perhaps that sounds a bit daft. What do I want to know that for? How does that help? Much like how the traditional counselling questions can feel: ‘How do you feel?’, ‘What do you want to talk about today?’, ‘How can just talking make any difference?’.


But this is what can make a real difference in our lives.


I love pebbles. Each is unique. Each its own shape and pattern. Each with its own history engraved on its surface. Each has its own power. I love looking at pebbles and seeing them as they are, without wishing they were something else, without needing them to be something else, without pretending I am myself anything but awkwardly unique, bruised and shaped by my own history. 


As with pebbles, so it is with people. So, which pebble are you? 


Maybe you’re the one at the top of the pile, sparkling in the sun. Perhaps you’re buried deep, unseen, unnoticed. Or the pebble worn out by wave after wave of grief, anxiety or depression. You might be jagged and rough, struggling in patterns that hurt or push away those around you. Or maybe you’re the pebble hollowed out by addictions of just feeling, 'What's the point?'. Perhaps you’re not any of these. Perhaps you don’t really know what sort of pebble you are.


Whatever sort of pebble you are, I provide a safe, confidential space to discover and express yourself. There won’t be any pressure or judgement to be anything other than you. Just acceptance. And in return, I won’t pretend I’m anything other than another unique, awkwardly-shaped human pebble too.


Because I know that when I feel recognised and welcomed as I really am, by someone who is just being who they really are, real change is possible. I belong again. I'm OK again. When our situation, our pressures, our histories, our feelings, our scars are seen - and not just seen but accepted for how they are, without judgement - then we can really become something different. We can learn to recognise and accept - and yes, even value - ourselves. And then I know we’re on to something powerful.*


To work with me, all you need to do is to get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll organise a free initial meeting. This doesn’t commit you to anything - it’s simply an opportunity to explore counselling further. If you want to read more about counselling or my thinking, or check out some of the projects I’m involved in, you can go to my Blog  and Projects pages.


Whoever you are - whichever pebble - and whatever you do next, I wish you all the best. I hope you come to recognise yourself, know that you belong here and are OK (even when you’re not OK), and discover others to share the journey with.


*This is fundamentally a person-centred approach to counselling as developed by Carl Rogers. I summarise it as real transformation occurs through love because this unleashes the power already within us for flourishing. Nevertheless, I am very happy working in a more CBT way if that is what a person needs, and I find agreement with a lot of relational psychodynamic and systemic approaches.

Faith: An Honest Conversation

Get in touch

Counselling can feel a bit intimidating and mysterious. So, I offer a free 30-minite initial session where get to meet me, ask any questions and explore working together. We can then set up regular sessions from there.

To arrange an initial session, just get in touch by completing the form, phoning 07422 651829  or emailing info@thomasrowlandcounsellingservices.com.

You can also find out more about Working With me or read my blog, What is Counselling? Or, if you want to get to know me a little more first, why not check out the video below or my Blog.

I look forward to being in touch.


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